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BelVG introduces new Magento integrations

New integrations for Magento-based websites

Magento is an international e-commerce platform that provides a great variety of customization options. E-commerce companies have high competition rate, thus need to always stay innovative and up-to-date. To address the challenges of a modern world market, Magento has a full feature set for every type of e-commerce business. However, sometimes, a default functionality could hardly lead to success. 

When launching an online store, the companies need to handle the work smartly. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the technology development to avoid losing customers and decrease in profit. Magento platform is dedicated to making the e-commerce workflow smoother and faster and helps achieve ambitions implementing different tools in the best suitable way. And now it is time to go even further. 

Recently BelVG updated available integration options and refined a website page for clients to easily get informed about capabilities to manage all the tasks effectively. Particularly useful tools to take on using Magento include real-time management, go-to accounting software system, aiming at maximizing profits and tracking payments, also an integration option with world-famous e-commerce platforms extending the target audience and brand awareness. Besides, advertising, email marketing, fees and shipping systems indeed facilitate the work and increase the revenue. The most important and innovative ones appeared to be CRM integration on a par with Custom solution integration. These have been proved to be very helpful tools by more than 400 ecommerce business projects and 100+ companies. To find out more follow the page https://belvg.com/magento-integration

At the same time, a great performance requires even greater monitoring. A skilful team and hard work are an essential part of any successful business. Whether it is a single line of code, an extension or a full-scale solution, ongoing qualified support is on top of demand either among start-ups or top brands webstores. Magento has a great and more importantly, battle-tested support team to fix any problem showing up, and make sure they do not happen again. Visit the page to know more https://belvg.com/magento-support

BelVG focuses on establishing a daily scheme to have a full picture of the ins and outs of the business platform. The technical support is based on:

- daily scan for vulnerabilities supported by report on each merit and flaw found,
- website performance monitoring,
- Magento code audit for technical issues with a detailed report to keep track of every detail,
- first priority response. 

About Us

The BelVG Magento developers is a certified specialist with knowledge of problem-solving approach in any business platform as the company has more than a decade of experience in the relevant field. Their imperative is to get answers to all possible questions and get problems fixed.