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Discover High End Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils From Palmetto Harmony

Discover all of the potential medicinal benefits of cannabidiol when you discover full spectrum CBD hemp oils from Palmetto Harmony. We believe in quality of product and quality of service from our founding, to ensure you and your loved ones can find your own inner harmony through our products.

Palmetto Harmony is dedicated to sustainability and quality. All of the high end hemp we use in our products is grown right here in the US state of South Carolina. We support our local growers, and hope you know that the purchase of our full spectrum CBD hemp oils and cannabidiol products go on to support your fellow Americans.

All of the hemp we use in our products is thoroughly tested by third party laboratories for potency, purity, and certified 100% pure. Without absolutely pure CBD, little Harmony whom we take our name after many not have seen the potential benefits of CBD – taking it daily, her seizures dropped by a staggering 90%.

Our founder Janel knew there was a better way than pure pharmaceuticals for her baby Harmony, and we take those beliefs with us today to produce the best CBD products you’ll find for sale online. Browse online through our massive digital catalog of high end cannabidiol products, and find your own inner harmony with Palmetto Harmony.


As one of the nation’s major producers of American-grown cannabidiol hemp products, Palmetto Harmony has developed business and agricultural product strategies that comply with the Federal Farm Bill of 2014 Section 7606. Due to the legality of hemp on a federal level, Palmetto Harmony has been conducting business outside of the normal confines of state lines to a growing national market, making it a leading product supplier of high CBD products including oils, patches, pet products, gel caps, vaporizers, topicals, and suppositories.