Hibernia 11/1/2019 3:10:00 PM
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SMARTdesks Custom Collaborative Workstations Help Enhance Work and Learning Spaces

SMARTdesks builds custom collaborative workstations and conference tables that can help enhance your office space, workspace or classroom. Many of our custom collaborative workstations feature integrated technology utilizing our flipIT system, where laptops or computer screens flip into place when needed. Enhance your workspace today with custom learning furniture and computer workstations, call 800-770-7042.

With today’s growing technological landscape, having classrooms, office space, workspaces, and conference rooms that can adapt to various needs and lesson plans can help create an over-all more functional space. Thanks to our tech-integrated workstations, you can improve productivity and functionality in the classroom and at the office.

We’ve got a great selection of custom conference tables, computer workstations, collaborative student desks and more and many of our desks and workstations can be ordered in specific sizes to meet the needs of your smaller conference rooms or larger media centers. Moreover, with re-configurable designs, some of our collaborative workstations can grow and change as the needs of your space changes.

Contact SMARTdesks today at 800-770-7042 to discuss your workspace or classroom needs with us. For the last 20 years, we have designed, developed and crafted SMART ergonomic office and classroom furniture designed to meet the needs of your space while improving functionality and productivity. Let us help you find the best furniture for your space today, call 800-770-7042.