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Severely Injured Blackhawk Army Veteran to Receive New Titanium Wheelchair

Wheelchairs for Warriors to Provide 8th Battle Chair to Deserving Warrior

Unfortunately, death and injury is a reality in war while serving in our U.S. Military. A recently updated comprehensive report on battlefield injuries and death is available by the Congressional Research Service (Updated in September 24, 2019), which documents detailed stats going back to 1775 link:

U.S. Army, E4 Specialist Aviation/assigned to a US Army Blackhawk, Crew Leigh Talavera of Bastrop was in Bosnia, during Operation Joint Endeavor.  His duty was to remove an ESSS Tank (fuel tanks located on the outside of the combat helicopter wings). Unfortunately, a full tank containing 250 gallons of fuel weighing over 1,668 pounds was released onto the U.S. Soldier in error. The inertia of the full container ripped through his body, tearing his back muscles from his spine - L6/Sl area. He has a metal vertebrae and Teflon discs in his spine and has never fully recovered from his injuries requiring him to be bound to a wheelchair and rendered 100 percent disabled as rated by the Government.

Official Wheelchair for Warriors Presentation to Leigh Talavera, U.S. Army
Date: November 12th, Tuesday
Time:  7pm – 8:30pm
Location: VFW Post 2527 Hall – 1503 FM 20, Bastrop, Texas 78602

The courageous warrior has persisted for over 10-years with his excruciating injuries.  Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration has not assisted in providing Talavera with a proper custom-fit rehab mobility solution, a complex rehab wheelchair requiring expertise that it does not possess at this time.  His current chair is sub-standard for his needs.

“I feel like there are tornadoes going up my spine. It’s a very weird feeling and it makes me not even want to move and I don’t like taking heavy medication for the pain,” says Talavera.

A wheelchair for Warriors was founded to fill the gap for service injured veterans who require attention that no other organization offers for these deserving elite war fighters.

“Wheelchairs for Warriors will be providing him with exactly what he needs for pressure relief to keep him from getting open sores, and also for posture correction,” says Crystal Laramore, Executive Director/Co-Founder “His chair is also Titanium and only weighs about 12 pounds, providing much needed relief for his wife and children they will be able to manage this lightweight chair, ensuring that Talavera can rejoin his family on outings and ROLL STRONG!”

Wheelchairs for Warriors provide custom-fit, complex, rehab mobility solutions that are designed for their specific needs depending on their injuries and lifestyle.  These wheelchairs can be operated by head, finger, foot, shoulder, puff of breath, eye movement, etc.  The wheelchairs can elevate and recline providing comfort and access while also providing relief to pressure points. The adaptive machines are designed by Paul Morgan, their Complex Rehab Seating Specialist. 

To learn more about Wheelchairs for Warriors and to join the mission, please visit: