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Twisted Wares Hilarious Bitch Bags Make The Perfect Novelty Gifts For The Holidays

Twisted Wares, home of the best novelty kitchenwares and funny bitch bags for sale online has a great selection of in stock funny bitch bags that make the perfect novelty gift for your friends, family members, relatives, coworkers or even for yourself. Wildly funny and super handy, these bitch bags will hold whatever you need them to from cosmetics and makeup to chargers and cables. And our fan favorites are back in stock just in time for the holidays.

Our funny bitch bags feature hilarious graphics, comics, and text and are made with high quality materials. Each bag features a gusseted bottom, zipper enclosure, and vinyl lined interior for those times when things get messy. Great on the go as your go to clutch or throw it in your back pack, suitcase or travel bag and stay organized.

All of our bitch bags measure approximately 10.5” x 7.5” and we have a huge selection of brand new styles available now. Some of our fan favorites are “Dainty as Fuck”, “Absofuckinlutely” and “I’M A GROWN ASS WOMAN - I do what I want!”.

Shop our extensive collection today and get fast, convenient shipping right to your home. Our novelty bitch bags are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor and some of our bitch bags, even the NSFW ones, will surely catch everyones’ attention.