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Findit Features E Commerce Members in Time for Holiday Shopping, Johnny Wooten and Hip Hop Bling

Findit, Inc. (OTC PINK:FDIT) owner of Findit.com, a full service social networking content management platform which provides online marketing services, is featuring e-commerce members on Findit for holiday shopping gift ideas.

The Holiday season is underway. With Thanksgiving next week, shoppers will soon be looking for unique gift ideas at great prices especially from retailers who offer online shopping. The companies we are featuring today are all members on Finidt.com that utilize Findit's full service social networking content management online marketing services.

Johnny Wooten offers holiday shoppers great gift ideas for the car owner that loves to keep his or her car nice and clean year around with the finest interior and exterior car cleaning products. While up north may be too cold for washing your car during the winter, Johnny Wooten delivers throughout the United States to the warmer climates, and if you are in a colder area come spring time your gift will come in handy and save someone a trip to the store.

Check out the full line of products offered on Johnny Wootens website.

Here's our Top Stocking Stuffer Pick from Johnny Wooten

You can follow them on Findit at: https://www.findit.com/exterior-car-cleaning-products

Our next featured Findit member that offers amazing jewelry year around, but really steps up their game this time of year is Hip Hop Bling. Hip Hop Bling offers a wide variety of jewelry options for almost anyone. Shoppers that are looking to find a gift for their significant other, their mom, sister, brother, dad, boyfriend - it doesn't matter who it may be; Hip Hop Bling offers such a wide array of jewelry options you can find something for anyone there. From gold chains, to Jesus Pendants, watches, earrings, bracelets and diamonds you literally will find something for anyone who likes to wear jewelry. The prices Hip Hop Bling offers their consumers has created a large customer base over the past 20 years making them one of, if not the most reliable, e commerce sites in the Hip Hop Jewelry game that there is.

You can follow Hip Hop Bling on their Findit page at https://www.findit.com/hiphopbling

You can begin your shopping at Hip Hop Bling

Here is our pick of the week from Hip Hop Bling Jewelry site. To add this to your list or to buy it for someone on yours click on the image below.

Large Pave CZ Gold Jesus Piece Pendant