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Order Funny Novelty Crossback Aprons For Sale Online From Twisted Wares

Twisted Wares sells funny novelty kitchenwares online and in select retail locations across the Southeast. From funny hang tight towels to cocktail napkins and crossback aprons, it is easy to find the right novelty kitchenwares items for yourself, friends or family members. Our novelty crossback aprons are extremely comfortable and great for any body type.

What makes our crossback aprons so special, aside from the crazy unique funny graphics, comics and text that are on them, is how they tie behind your back. Traditional aprons hang around your neck and tie around your waist, which can be restrictive for many body types. Our crossback aprons tie criss-cross behind your back and then around your waist, creating a more comfortable fit and doesn’t place the weight of the apron around your neck.

Moreover, all of our aprons are made with 100% flour sack cotton and our designs are printed using toxic-free ink. We’ve got a huge assortment of funny aprons from holiday-themed aprons like our “I Put Out For Santa” and “Where My Ho’s At” making it easy to find the best apron for anyone on your naughty or nice list.

Shop Twisted Wares novelty crossback aprons for sale online today and find us in select retail locations using our locations finder on our website. Hurry while supplies last as the holiday shopping season picks up. For assistance with your order, call us at 214-491-4911.