Birmingham 11/21/2019 5:58:23 AM
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Alternative Lending Company Answers 'What Is Alternative Lending?'

LendersPool, an alternative lending company, recently released a blog explaining "what is alternative lending?" and how it can benefit small businesses and startups. When traditional forms of lending seem out of reach, new businesses may want to consider alternative lending services instead.

In contrast to traditional lending methods such as through banks, alternative lending is generally easier to qualify for, and includes medium-term loans, lines of credit, invoice financing, and short-term loans, among other funding options, from non-bank lenders. Alternative lending is ideal for small businesses or startups that do not yet have the credit or resources to qualify for other types of funding. Compared to traditional lending from banks, alternative lending offers faster approval, less paperwork, automated applications, and access to smaller loans. This makes it an excellent choice for many small businesses and startups, as it provides them with fast, simple access to additional resources for growth.

Businesses should carefully consider the pros and cons of alternative lending before submitting an online application. Most alternative lenders offer faster and easier applications, without requiring companies to submit business plans and other documents. Approval is also faster. They also offer a greater variety of loans, including smaller loans, which banks often deny because the cost of offering small loans outweighs the benefit to the bank. Compared to traditional loans, however, alternative lending carries higher interest rates, making the loans more expensive over time. Terms are also shorter, and repayment can be more frequent. Small businesses in need of a specific amount of funding as quickly as possible can benefit from the ease, speed, and flexibility of alternative lending. If you're seeking a large amount of funding and need more time to pay that off, however, alternative lending may not be right for you.

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