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Denver NC Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools Is The Superior Pool Builder Throughout The Carolinas!

Carolina Pool Consultants is the superior concrete pool builder throughout the Carolinas, our staff is proud to have worked in and served our communities surrounding Denver NC for decades. When it comes to concrete pool knowhow, our certified construction specialists can save you money on your bottom line, especially if you’re considering vinyl or fiberglass pools!

We always encourage Denver NC homeowners looking for concrete pool construction to give our staff a call first – we are a wealth of information, and can help answer your burning questions concerning your investment! Many owners are drawn towards either vinyl or fiberglass pools for their lower entry cost, but in reality you’ll end up spending more in the long run.

Vinyl pools start off as the cheapest to build originally, but they come packaged with a hidden vinyl liner replacement cost. Every 4-8 years, expect to pay an additional $4000 or so – even more if you end up puncturing the vinyl lining!

Fiberglass pools significantly limit customization. Owners looking for something truly their own look elsewhere – and for that kind of money you expect to get what you want right? Formed from a mold, fiberglass pools can develop hairline cracks that may not be visible until they’re installed, leading to massive repair bills throughout their lifespan!

Truly, homeowners in Denver NC looking for custom concrete pool installation should consider concrete pools for their own personal backyard paradise. Concrete is both more customizable, reliable and cost-efficient throughout a pools lifespan. Trust in our specialists at CPC Pools for your new pool construction, reach out to Carolina Pool Consultations today!