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Erase Hate with Love and Benefit The Matthew Shepard Foundation with Multi Colored Charitable Bracelets from Chavez for Charity

Chavez for Charity has a beautiful collection of multi colored charitable for sale that help benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation. The Matthew Shepard Foundation fights to protect the LGBT community by empowering individuals to embrace human dignity and diversity. Get involved and show your support with the purchase of multi colored charitable bracelets from Chavez for Charity.

Founded in 1998, the Matthew Shepard Foundation was established by Judy and Dennis Shepard in the aftermath of their son’s death, Matthew Shepard, who was a member of the LGBT community. The Foundation has a longstanding mission of erasing hate with love, understanding, acceptance and compassion.

You can get involved and show your support with the purchase of multi colored bracelets. Our multi colored bracelets help us to give back to the Matthew Shepard Foundation so they can continue their mission of helping support the LGBT community and spread compassion, awareness and understanding.

Get involved today and show your support and spread the word for the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s mission and ours with your multi colored bracelet purchase. Our multi colored bracelets make the perfect gift.