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Twisted Wares Home Wares Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Is Here To Gift In Style

Gift in style and gift the unexpected with Twisted Wares 2019 Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll be outlining top 3 picks for the holiday gifting season! If you’re just a little bit twisted and have friends or loved ones that are the same, you’ll love our badass selection of premium homewares.

We have a massive selection of naughty wares and hilarious home-goods to choose from on TwistedWares.com, this 2019 holiday season save money and give them something they’ll love!

Bitch Bags
Our hilarious and twisted bitch bags are perfect for that particular badass in your life – you know the one. Looking for the perfect delivery method to house your traditional holiday gift baggies? Put all your goodies in our Bitch Bags for a bag they’ll use and love!

Hang Tight Towels
People love funny kitchen towels, who would have thought?? Our Hang Tight Towels hang with the best of them- we have a massive collection of plush, durable, delectable and hilarious towels for all of you who believe adulting is bullshit and are balls deep in holiday prep!

Kitchen Aprons
Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time to Drink Up Bitches and let the good times roll! Lets be honest, when you’re wine-drunk cooking buttass naked, you’re going to need something to cover up the goods just in case that flambe method of yours gets out of hand. Dress in style with our hilarious aprons!

Make the most of the holiday season and your gifting budget with our Homewares 2019 Holiday Gifting Guide, make sure to swing on by to Twisted Wares and Gift the Unexpected!

Our Story

In her previous life, Missy was a realtor in Seattle, who sold houses to anyone who wanted to buy one. And then the recession of 2008 hit, and no one wanted to buy a house, her husband lost his job, and they lost their house in Seattle. They suddenly found themselves forced to relocate to Texas.

All of a sudden, Missy was a stay at home mom, who felt like her life was completely out of her control. Her son's constantly pulling down the towel was just the push she needed to take back her power, AND create a product that she knew would resonate with moms and dads everywhere. “If I couldn’t control my life in the moment, I was damn well going to control the towel,” she says. Twisted Wares was born! The Hang Tight Towel loop design allows for your towel to be used as you would any towel, but this one will stay put when you want it to without buttons, Velcro, or snaps!