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Funny Novelty Kitchenwares For Sale Online at Twisted Wares Make Gifting This Holiday Season Easy

You know those people that are almost impossible to shop for for the holidays? They seemingly have everything they want or need and its nearly impossible to find the right gift? Fortunately, Twisted Wares makes it easy because chances are, your friends don’t have novelty kitchenwares from Twisted Wares. We carry a great selection of novelty hang tight towels, cross back aprons, novelty bitch bags and funny cocktail napkins that all feature hilarious graphics comics and text. Shop our extensive assortment today online and gift the unexpected.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of hilarious hang tight towels that all feature our patent pending hang tight loop. We were tired of our kitchen towels always falling on the ground every time we used them and now, they don’t fall anymore. Each towel simply slips through the loop and hangs tight to wherever you hang them.

If aprons are more their style or yours, our crossback aprons are designed with all body types, shapes and sizes in mind. These aprons tie criss-cross behind your back rather than hang from your neck, creating a more comfortable fit.

We also have a great selection of funny novelty cocktail napkins and bitch bags which are both useful, purposeful and funny gifts.

Twisted Wares makes holiday shopping easy, even for those who are difficult to find the right gift for. Enjoy convenient shipping right to your address when you order online today. For assistance with your order, call 214-491-4911.