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What Is An IT Strategic Plan Answered By Maryland IT Strategy Consultant

Hartman Executive Advisors, a Maryland IT Strategy Consulting Firm, recently released a blog entitled "What is an IT Strategic Plan", which explains how businesses can benefit from organizing their IT processes using a clearly outlined plan. With an IT strategic plan, companies can more easily make important decisions in a shorter amount of time.

Modern businesses have many goals and competing priorities that require near constant organization and decision making. An IT strategic plan can help business leaders formulate an overarching strategy that guides all of these decision making processes, streamlining them and saving time and money in the process. IT strategic plans detail all IT business management processes that an organization uses to guide decisions and operations. Each plan will be different depending on the company's current needs and goals, and it can evolve over time as those guideposts change as well.

There are many ways to create an IT strategic plan, but most follow four main principles. First, the plan should begin with an analysis or assessment of current IT equipment and policies. With this information, business leaders can generate a high level strategy and basic organizational structure, which will be translated into operational planning and action items in the strategy implementation stage. Finally, the plan should include provisions for evaluation and management to ensure that the actions taken are effective. A plan following these principles provides a comprehensive understanding of where your business can improve and how new plans are performing, allowing you to better manage your IT resources to their full potential.

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