Rockwall 12/5/2019 9:51:42 AM
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African Charity Discusses How To Help The Water Crisis With Social Media

The Last Well, an African Charity, recently released a blog discussing how to help the water crisis through social media. Speaking about a favorite charity on social media can be an excellent way to raise awareness and make a difference if you're unable to donate significant time or money to the cause.

Many people spend a portion of their day on social media, whether it's to catch up with friends or receive updates about topics important to them. This is one of the reasons that social media is a great tool for raising awareness about a nonprofit's mission. Those who post about their favorite nonprofits will likely catch the attention of their friends and followers when they check their own media feeds, helping to involve them in the cause over time. Social media is also inexpensive. Anyone can make an account and post content about the nonprofit for free, though if groups feel the need to organize a formal ad campaign, social media ads are typically affordable as well.

The Last Well's mission is to provide clean water sources, hygiene and sanitation education, and the Gospel to the people of Liberia in an effort to end the water crisis in Africa. You can help raise awareness about the crisis on social media with several actions. First, post interactive and engaging content that encourages your followers to learn more, like asking questions about their own water use or highlighting news stories. Using hashtags can help people expand their learning as well, because clicking on the hashtag will likely lead to more information. Post photos and educational videos to capture people's attention, and be sure to respond to questions and get involved in conversations to promote further engagement. Finally, use social media to hold fundraisers by posting links or using built-in fundraising tools on the platform and make donating easier.

Reach out to The Last Well for more information about using social media to help end the water crisis in Africa or to make a donation in support of the nonprofit's mission. The Last Well can be contacted at 972-544-5846 or online at and is headquartered at 2255 Ridge Road, Suite 206A, Rockwall, TX 75087.