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Nicki Minaj Bust Revealed In Berlin Germany, Sports Gold Jewelry Like Those Available From Hip Hop Bling

While the original wax bust was unveiled back in 2015, the Barbz were all tilted by the display. Ironically enough, Nicki Minaj couldn't stop raving about it. Photos of the bust circulated on social and fans claimed it looked nothing like Nicki, but like it or not the figure has arrived at the Madame Tussauds Berlin collection. Sporting Nicki decked in gold chains, the figure is a thirst-trap, that same that you'll be with high end chains from Hip Hop Bling.

This is not the figure's first rodeo - if it looks familiar, it was first revealed at the Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, roughly 4.5 years ago. If you notice that ass out, you'll also notice the fine gold bracelets Nicki's decked in. Hip Hop Bling goes above and beyond to provide the best ice for sale online, at reasonable prices.

TMZ reported that the wax figure arrived at the German exhibit as they like to rotate out exhibits and keep things fresh - peep Nicki's reaction to the original 2015 reveal below, and the recent social posts about Berlin taking the Anaconda.

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