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50 Cent Trolls French Montana, Reps Gold Pendant and Hip Hop Chain Like Those Available From Hip Hop Bling

Most people can't even afford a Bugatti and 50 Cent is over here clowning French Montana on the model he copped. As one of the internet's biggest trolls in Hip Hop and really online, 50 is ending the year just as he started it - by trolling friends and foes alike. While most can't cop a Bugatti, Hip Hop Bling is making it easy to cop premium iced out pendants like 50 is known to rep for less. 

Before 50 trolled on the record, but as we all know, social has become his preferred method of attack - even after a recent health scare. Having recently purchased himself a brand new 2020 Bugatti Chiron, 50 of course took note that French Montana showing off his own new Bugatti. One thing you might note besides the older model, is the silver and gold chains French Montana's wearing, which would normally top ten to a hundo+ stacks. Hip Hop Bling is your source for the illest hip hop chains without dropping all that dough. 

Catch is, Montana's new whip is supposedly 10 years old, or the 2010 model. "I’m in the hospital so sick of n***as," 50 wrote. "That’s a 2010 Veyron man, you shoulda just got the Uber app on ya phone it’s 2020 Chiron Man hahaha Put that bullshit back on that truck."

Bless up 50, feel better and rep 2020 even better than the 19. 


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