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Chavez For Charity Wildlife Rescue Bracelet Helps Support WIRES The Largest Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization

Chavez for Charity has announced a limited edition charitable bracelet that helps support WIRES, the largest Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization. With the deadly fires that have spread across all of Australia, you can show your support and get involved to help rescue the animals that have been affected by these fires with your purchase of our wildlife rescue bracelet.

To date, Australia is continuing to battle catastrophic fires that have affected an estimated 800 million animals and burnt over 2 million acres of land. For a limited time, you can help support WIRES with your purchase of our limited edition Koala bracelet. 25% of proceeds from every sale of our wildlife rescue bracelet goes directly to support WIRESA and their efforts to rehabilitating and preserving Australian Wildlife while inspiring others to do the same. In December alone, WIRES received over 20,000 calls and volunteers attended over 3,300 rescues.

Near or far from Australia, your purchase of our charity bracelet for Australia fires, our Wildlife Rescue Charity Bracelet helps create meaningful impact for these animals that have been affected by these catastrophic fires. With more and more animals being displaced and their homes being burned, it is vital that you get involved and show your support right now, so WIRES can continue to do the much needed work.

To learn more about WIRES and the amazing work that they are doing, visit http://www.wires.org.au. Shop our Wildlife Rescue Charity Bracelet, the limited edition Koala bracelet today online and helps us give back to Wires.