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Findit, Inc. Retains Law Firm Smith Risley Tempel Santos LLC to File Urban Lifestyle Collective and Findit Logo Trademarks

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2020 / Findit, Inc. (OTC PINK:FDIT) recently filed two additional Trademark applications in the United States for Urban Lifestyle Collective and the Findit logo, in addition to Urban CBD Collective.

The applications were prepared and filed through the Law Firm of Smith Risley Tempel Santos LLC. The Trademark filings are available at the USPTO Website. The filings are due to the recent launch of the Urban Lifestyle Collective topical oil and lotions CBD line as well as the website, www.urbanlifestylecollective.com. The Findit logo filing has been done to protect the rights of the use of the Findit logo. All three filings with the USPTO are to protect the names and logo from anyone in the future who may want to benefit from the names or logo in the event Findit, Inc. did not have them protected.

Findit, Inc. is currently in the development stage of the Urban Lifestyle Collective website to offer its topical line of lotions and oils through the website, to new and existing customers, that include individuals and store owners.

Findit, Inc. the owner of Urban CBD Collective, Urban Lifestyle Collective has been selling both of the lines B2B during the 2019 fiscal year. Findit began offering the products to the end user, the individual customer in late 2019. During the last two quarters of 2019 Findit, Inc, did have sales in the United States to major retail stores. With the line now being offered online and through local store owners individuals can now have access to our entire line of products at either of the two websites. UrbanCBDCollective.com and UrbanLifeStyleCollective.com. The price points for our Topical product line is very competitive. With our supply chain able to grow, dry, and extract the hemp as well as provide the formulation, bottling and labeling Findit is able to pass on our reduced costs as a result of our agreement with our processor to our customers without diminishing the quality of the product. Findit uses an FDA and GMP approved facility that has been in operations since 1992 located in the United States.

Findit will have the ability and the option to expand its line of CBD products in the future, when and if edibles are approved, seamlessly due to our processor already being an FDA approved facility.

Findit offers both lines to store owners at wholesale prices, as well as consumers at friendly retail price points while still being able to be profitable for Findit shareholders. Store owners that want to carry the lines can contact Findit, Inc. at their corporate phone number 404 443 3224. Individuals can visit either of the websites fill their shopping cart and then finalize their order by calling the company as well.

Findit is currently working with several merchant processors to obtain a merchant account that will offer customers the option of checking out online.

The line Urban CBD Collective and Urban Lifestyle Collective currently has 35 SKUs to choose from that include oils and lotions in various flavors and sizes at price points that could change the market. The lotions are available in 100 mg 2 ounce jars and 200 mg 8 ounce pump bottles. The oils are available in 30 Milliliters (1 ounce) 60 Milliliters (2 ounce) and 120 Milliliters (4 ounce) tinctures in 5 different flavors.

Peter Tosto of Findit stated, "Having the names and the logo protected is critical in building a brand. It's very important as you build your brand to have your names and logos Trademarked so someone else cannot rightfully come along and leverage all of your hard work that you spent building up a brand and then they file the name in the future and take it from you. By having this piece done we can really provide a level of comfort to our wholesale buyers now that they know we have filed for these trademarks with the USPTO and our names are secure."

Anyone interested in purchasing Urban CBD Collective or Urban Lifestyle Collective can visit them online or call Findit, Inc. at 404-443-3224 to place your individual or wholesale order today.

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