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Shop Wholesale Funny Novelty Cocktail Napkins Hang Tight Towels and Crossback Aprons For Sale From Twisted Wares

Get wholesale pricing on funny novelty cocktail napkins and our hang tight towels online at twistedwares-wholesale.com or twistedwares.faire.com/user/sign-up. We’ve got a huge collection of funny novelty cocktail napkins and hilarious hang tight towels that are perfect for resellers, retail stores, e commerce websites and more. Each of our products features hilarious graphics, designs, or text and are made with high quality materials.

What makes our products so unique aside from their hilarious images and wording on the front is the design of our products. Our hang tight towels feature a patent pending hang tight loop that helps them hang securely to whatever you hang them on. This prevents them from falling off the oven bar, your belt loop, the kitchen drawer pull or other bars in the kitchen every time they are used.

Our crossback aprons are great for all body types because they tie crisscross behind the back rather than hang around the neck. This makes our crossback aprons fit more comfortably for men and women.

Our funny novelty cocktail napkins, hang tight towels, and crossback aprons all make perfect gifts for anyone with a sense of humor. Thats why our funny kitchen products are great for end-caps, checkout desks and bays, window display cases and more. For wholesale pricing on funny kitchen products, contact Twisted Wares today at 214-491-4911 or visit us online.