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Connecticut Specialty Insurance Brokers Educate On Daycare Insurance

Norwalk, Connecticut (Findit) January 29, 2020 - The Connecticut specialty insurance brokers at John M. Glover Insurance Agency recently released a blog educating at-home childcare providers on the importance of daycare insurance. Even if you don't operate a professional daycare establishment, daycare insurance can protect you if you're ever responsible for watching children.

Taking care of children can be both a joyful role and a stressful one. While they can brighten your day with their antics, they can also cause alarm at their often unintentionally reckless behavior. Daycare insurance is designed to help small, at-home daycare providers pay for any damages or legal fees resulting from accidents while they're watching children. This means that no matter the situation you face, you won't have to pay for resulting attorneys, repairs, or other solutions on your own, helping you protect your finances and avoid bankruptcy or other financial headaches.

Most homeowners' existing liability policies do not provide enough coverage for daycare providers to depend upon. If you want protection in the event of an injured child or damaged business property, daycare insurance will provide the necessary support. In most states, home daycare businesses must carry liability insurance, even if they care for a small number of children. Liability coverage is typically expansive, with options for general coverage that pays for repairs, legal fees, and medical bills for injured children and commercial auto liability if you use a vehicle to transport children. Professional, corporal punishment, and abuse and molestation liability coverage offer financial support for cases relate to specific employee conduct issues as well. Umbrella insurance can provide additional coverage if you feel the need for more protection.

Speak to the professional specialty insurance brokers at John M. Glover for more information and to acquire a daycare insurance policy. The brokerage offers free consultations to help you choose the best combination of insurance policies for your needs, then provides top notch customer service to ensure that your claims are processed as quickly as possible.

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