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The Coyle Group Emerges as the Leading Insurance Brokerage Firm in New York

As a leading insurance broker in New York City, The Coyle Group focuses on commercial property casualty insurance and creative risk solutions for business owners in the greater New York City Metro area and beyond. Their goal is long term cost reduction, better protection, and improved productivity.


When asked about this, "The Coyle Difference turns the traditional buying process on its head. We don't play by the flawed rules of shopping the market for the lowest price, which most brokers subscribe to. Instead, we focus on the risks and challenges you face; the proverbial wicked things that keep you up at night, and how we can work to resolve those issues with the right insurance products and risk management services to control risk," replied the spokesperson of The Coyle Group.

Being one of the leading NY insurance brokerage, The Coyle Group works outside of the traditional 90-day quote/renewal window, and you're not rushed into a decision based only on the bottom line price.

The spokesperson continued, "Most business owners have much of their net worth invested in their businesses. The lowest price sales process deployed by most brokers puts the client, their livelihood, their net worth, and their futures at risk. We take this responsibility very seriously, and frankly, the commoditization of business insurance really pissed us off, so we vowed to change that."

The Coyle Group, the leading provider of workers comp insurance in NY, works across a broad spectrum of industry verticals with both private and public companies. Whether you're a fast-growing local company or a mid-sized regional firm, they have got the tools, expertise, and resources to help protect and grow your enterprise.

The Coyle Group's 360-Solution was born from the idea that certain niches were underserved in the insurance marketplace. It includes CompControl360,, HedgeFund-360, VCap-360, CyberRisk-360, PE-360, and Technology-360.

He added, "360 describes our broader and more encompassing view of risk and insurance than most brokers take when it comes to commercial business insurance in New City NY. We have abandoned the traditional process of marketing insurance focused solely on premium reductions."

"We have been working with The Coyle Group since our company's inception in 2007, and we're extremely satisfied with the service and expert handling of our account. I highly recommend a conversation with them," commented the President of Eco-Lite Products, LLC.

About The Coyle Group:

With over 90 years of industrial heritage, The Coyle Group, a boutique insurance brokerage and risk management solutions firm, focuses on commercial property casualty insurance and creative risk solutions for business owners. Visit for more information.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Gordon Coyle


30 South Main Street,
New City, NY,
USA - 10956
Phone Number: 845-634-3606