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Support Worthy Causes With Charity Bracelets from Chavez for Charity

Chavez for Charity sells beautiful handmade charity bracelets online that help benefit eight different charities. Each color is matched to a specific charity and with every bracelet that we sell, we donate a portion of proceeds directly to that individual charity. Through our Colors for Causes campaign, we have donated over 1.6 million to these different and worthy causes, foundations and charities.

Right now you can choose to benefit one of, or each of the following charities with your purchases.

Water.org - Blue Charitable Bracelets

Best Friends Animal Society - Brown Charitable Bracelets

The Hunger Project - Black Charitable Bracelets

TAPS - Gold Charitable Bracelets

Sierra Club Foundation - Green Charitable Bracelets

Matthew Shepard Foundation - Multi Colored Charitable Bracelets

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation - Pink Charitable Bracelets

Malala Fund - Purple Charitable Bracelets

Chavez for Charity donates 25% of net profits from every sale directly to each charity. You can show your support for these great causes with your purchase and help protect our planet with a green charity bracelet, empower young girls through purple charity bracelets, or support the hunger project and their mission to end world hunger.

Shop online at Chavez for Charity and purchase beautiful charity bracelets. Your purchase helps create meaningful impact for others in a big way.