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RepairDesk Announces to launch the Offline Version of its iPad POS Register App!

The primary purpose behind the development of the ‘offline version’ is to help repair store owners in the situations when the servers are down or if the Wi-Fi is disconnected in the middle of the checkout process.

With the option to switch RepairDesk’s iPad POS Register to ‘offline mode,’ repair store owners can now create repair tickets and invoices anywhere and sync the record later when the internet is available.

While explaining the purpose behind the launch of offline version, the Founder and CEO at RepairDesk, Usman Butt said, “We came up with the idea of offline version of our iPad app by keeping our one aim in mind – to provide our customers with the best repair shop POS software, that is available to them 24/7 and streamlines their everyday tasks without any interruption.”

 “With the offline feature, repair stores will be able to process sales, generate tickets, add customers, and take digital signatures in the offline mode, when they have connectivity issues. The software will sync up automatically when it’s back online,” added Usman

The new ‘Offline Version’ of RepairDesk’s iPad app will allow repair store owners to:

  • Access the last 30 repair tickets and invoices.
  • Generate repair tickets, invoices, and customers.
  • Edit repair jobs and customer invoices as required.
  • Easily search for the list of tickets, invoices, and customers anytime.
  • Receive payments against invoices via cash.
  • Let customers digitally sign off their work orders.
  • Auto-sync of inventory items when consumed.
  • Update the product’s price, quantity, discount offered, and tax.
  • Scan inventory items via a barcode scanner.
  • Use printers to print thermal receipts, invoices, repair tickets, and inventory labels.
  • Offer seamless checkout experience without any delay.
  • Sync useful data between your web app and iPad POS Register app without any loss.

Repair store owners from all over the world can start using the offline version from Feb 15th, 2020. Letting repair stores to work with RepairDesk’s iPad POS Register offline version ensures first-class user-experience, an edge over the competitive repair industry, no loss of data records, and greater customer loyalty.

You can learn more about the service by visiting the RepairDesk website, or by emailing them at support@repairdesk.co.