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Chavez for Charity Charity Bracelets Benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation Through Our Colors for Causes Campaign

Chavez for Charity supports and benefits the Matthew Shepard Foundation which is advocating for peace and acceptance and the rights of the LGBT community through multi colored charity bracelets. Our Colors for Causes Campaign benefits eight different charities through color matched bracelets and our multi colored charity bracelets specifically benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation was founded in 1998 by Judy and Dennis Shepard after the tragic death of their son, Matthew Shepard, who was a member of the LGBT community. The Foundation was brought about to help spread love, awareness and acceptance for all, including the LGBT community and empowers individuals to embrace human dignity and diversity through outreach, advocacy and resource programs. They strive to replace hate with understanding, compassion and acceptance.

Our charity bracelets help make a big difference in a meaningful way. With every multi colored charity bracelet that we sell, we donate 25% of net profits to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Our bracelets make great gifts for yourself, friends and family or any member of the LGBT community and help spread the word about our mission and theirs.

Shop our beautiful selection of multi colored charity bracelets from Chavez for Charity online today. Our charity bracelets are handmade with love and help contribute in a positive way to this amazing organization. Browse our extensive selection online today and purchase your favorite multi colored charity bracelets.