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Twisted Wares Sells Hilarious Novelty Kitchen Products and Accessories Online To Wholesalers and Retail Customers

Twisted Wares has an extensive collection of hilarious novelty kitchen products and accessories for sale online like our famous bitch bugs, our hang tight kitchen towels, our comfortable crossback aprons and snarky cocktail napkins. We are also proud to offer our popular black misfortune cookies that each contain a shocking, amusing and possibly offensive pink fortune. All of our products are available at wholesale prices to retailers or to retail customers - shop online or find us in select stores across the US.

What makes all of our products so unique and popular are the hilarious graphics, snarky messages and funny images on every product. From our hang tight towels to our crossback aprons to our cocktail napkins, you can find knee-slapping, laugh out loud jokes, some of which are potentially offensive or NSFW.

Moreover, many of our items are designed with practicality in mind. Our hang tight towels hang tight to whatever you hang them on thanks to our patent pending hang tight loop. Our crossback aprons tie criss cross behind your back which makes for a more comfortable fit for all body types and places the weight of the apron upon your shoulders rather than around your neck.

Retail customers can shop online at Twistedwares.com. Wholesale customers looking to add our products to their retail store or e-commerce website can sign up through Faire at Twistedwares.faire.com and get access to our wholesale pricing. For assistance with your order, call 214-491-4911.