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Support the Malala Fund with Purple Charity Bracelets from Chavez for Charity

Chavez for Charity is featuring The Malala Fund for the Month of March and you can get involved and show your support with the purchase of a purple charity bracelet. The Malala Fund is on a mission to ensure all young girls get 12 years of education and you can show your support with the purchase of a purple charity bracelet from us.

We have a beautiful collection of color matched charity bracelets that help us give back to numerous charities and humanitarian efforts. Our purple charity bracelets are matched to the Malala Fund and make great gifts for friends, family, coworkers, or anyone who wants to support education.

At Chavez for Charity, we support the Malala Fund by giving back to this charity from our purple charity bracelet sales. We donate 25% of net profits from every sale directly to the Malala Fund so they can continue to support young girls and empower them through 12 years of education.

Browse our extensive collection online today and find the best purple education charity bracelets for yourself, friends and family. Our purple charity bracelets make great gifts that make a big difference in a meaningful way for others.