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Help Support Humanitarian Efforts with Charity Bracelets From Chavez for Charity

Chavez for Charity benefits numerous humanitarian efforts, foundations and charities through our Colors for Causes Campaign. We have designed a color based selection of charity bracelets where each color represents a specific charity. You can get involved and show your support for one charity or several with your purchase of color charity bracelets from Chavez for Charity.

To date, Chavez for Charity has donated over $1.6 million to our charity partners and with your help, we can continue to support some of the most influential charities and help them continue their missions. Show your support for foundations like the Sierra Club, which is fighting to protect Earth’s valuable non-renewable resources, the Dr. Susan Love Foundation, which is fighting to find a cure and better treatment options for women with breast cancer, and the Matthew Shepard Foundation which is advocating for the love, acceptance and understanding of those in the LGBT community.

Here is the complete list of charities that we benefit along with the corresponding color that is matched to that charity.

Water.org - Blue Charitable Bracelets

Best Friends Animal Society - Brown Charitable Bracelets

The Hunger Project - Black Charitable Bracelets

TAPS - Gold Charitable Bracelets

Sierra Club Foundation - Green Charitable Bracelets

Matthew Shepard Foundation - Multi Colored Charitable Bracelets

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation - Pink Charitable Bracelets

Malala Fund - Purple Charitable Bracelets

Order online from Chavez for Charity today and help spread the word about our mission and theirs. Your purchase helps us give back 25% of net profits to the charity you elect to benefit with your purchase.