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Freedom Loan Resolution Provides Professional Student Debt Relief Counseling and Documentation Services

Freedom Loan Resolution offers professional student debt relief services to borrowers looking to get relief on their student debt. There are several programs in place that help students get the debt relief that they need and we will review your financial situation to determine the best course of action for your student debt. Get in touch with our student debt counselors today by calling 888-780-6225.

When it comes to getting the student debt relief that you need, work with our expert student debt counselors. Not only are we extremely familiar with the debt relief application process, but we know and understand the situation that you are in and how stressful it can be. We will go over with you one on one the process for applying to the right debt relief program so we can help you get the debt relief that you need as quickly as possible.

There are 3 main types of student debt relief programs in place for borrowers: student loan forgiveness, income based payment plans, and federal student loan consolidation. In student loan forgiveness, borrowers that are eligible may receive a principal reduction, partial loan forgiveness or complete loan discharge. In an income based payment, your repayment is based on your income and family size. In federal loan consolidation, all of your student debt is organized into one new loan with one new payment.

Take control of your student debt today with Freedom Loan Resolution. Each case is different and their are no guarantees, but we will help you get the debt relief that you need.