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LinkedIn Members Claim Your Name with Findit Professional Today and Start Controlling Content In Search Engines Under Your Name

Wanting to increase exposure to your LinkedIn profile and control the search results under your name in search engines? Findit.com now offers LinkedIn Members the ability to claim your name with Findit Professional. LinkedIn members, who especially now may be at home and looking to do the most the can to cast a wider net and be seen by as many potential employers as possible can join Findit Professional, fill out their profile, and begin controlling the content they want employers to see in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Claiming your name on Findit Professional is incredibly easy. Visit findit.com/findit-professional to check to see if your name is available. Each name only exists once on Findit and LinkedIn members can purchase as many keywords or names that they want. This is especially useful for LinkedIn users that may have a business or want to target specific keywords in search results. Claiming your name can be done with or without hyphens, for example findit.com/John-Smith or Findit.com/JohnSmith. Each name costs $9.95 annually and if renewed, no one else can claim your name.

Once you have claimed your name, you can fill out your profile, similar to how you’d fill out your LinkedIn Page. You can have contact information, your professional accreditations, professional experience, education history and any other content you want people to see and know about you. Then, you can begin to create right now status updates in Findit that can be crawled and indexed by outside search engines. These updates can include photos that you can add titles and descriptions to that are relevant to your name, experience, skills, or what the photo is about.

Control the content you want seen under your name in search results. LinkedIn members that include Findit Professional to clam your name on Findit in their professional portfolio and will begin to see an increase in overall exposure online. Join Findit Professional today and start making Findit work for you.