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Twisted Wares Sells Funny Novelty Kitchenwares and Accessories Online To Wholesale Buyers and Retail Customers

Twisted Wares sells premium funny novelty kitchenwares and accessories for sale online to other retail stores and directly to consumers. We have a great selection of hilariously funny novelty kitchen hang tight towels, crossback aprons, cocktail napkins, bitch bags and other funny kitchenwares and accessories that all feature funny graphics and snarky sayings. Anyone with a sense of humor will love our products and our products are perfect for your retail store, too.

We designed our products to be slap-happy funny that provide great comic relief or lots of laughter whenever they are used or visible. We have a wide variety of funny novelty messages and graphics that are printed on all of our products from our hang tight towels to our crossback aprons. Moreover, we implemented a unique design for our hang tight towels and crossback aprons.

Our hang tight towels all feature a patent pending loop. The loop helps our hang tight towels hang tight to whatever they are hung on, whether its an oven bar, drawer pull, freezer bar, or your belt. The loop helps them hang tight and not fall every time they are used. 

Our crossback aprons, as the name implies, tie criss cross behind your back. Rather than placing the weight of the apron around your neck, the apron rests criss cross behind your back on your shoulders, creating a more comfortable fit for all body types.

With many of us safe at home and needing some comic relief, now is a great time to order funny novelty kitchenwares online. Wholesale customers looking to stock their online store or retail store can purchase from us wholesale through Faire at twistedwares.faire.com. For help with your order call 214-491-4911 - order today and get convenient shipping right to your home.