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LinkedIn Members and Industry Experts That Take Advantage of Findit Professional Get Results in Search Engines

Findit, Inc. (OTC PINK:FDIT) owner of Findit.com®, a full service social and business networking management platform which provides online marketing tools and services to its members offers Findit Professional to LinkedIn Members, industry professionals, and businesses who want to claim their name on Findit and take control of what shows up in search results under their name or brand. Findit is highlighting three members in Findit who have taken advantage of Findit Professional: American Craftsman Renovations, Peter Tosto (Marketing Director at Findit), and Layzie Gear (Member of Bones Thugs and Harmony).


Findit Professional allows you to claim your name on Findit.com and control the content that you want seen in search engines when people do a search for your name or business. Findit Professional is a tool offered in Findit.com. All content posted in a members account in Findit can be crawled and indexed by search engines. When LinkedIn Members claim their name on Findit, post in their about section including their professional experience, education history, references, and contact information, and post and share Right Now status updates about their skills, interests, accreditation, and other professional information, they will begin to see that content appearing in search engine results. Findit offers areas for designated links to drive traffic to information you want visitors to your profile to go to, this includes your Linkedin Profile.

The same is true for other industry professionals and business owners. In the same manner that future employers may go to search engines to find out more about a potential candidate, business owners will find that consumers looking to purchase goods or services will do searches in search engines to either find a company to purchase from or read about what others are saying about that company. By purchasing the name of your business or brand, you can create the content that you want people to see about your business or brand when they do a search for you in search engines.

Peter Tosto of Findit stated "Unlike other social networking sites including Linkedin where we are required to login to view profiles, Findit does not require logging in to view profiles. This is really important for our members that want to make themselves accessible to potential business opportunities where viewers may not want to login or create an account on a social site. With Findit they can view all of your content without ever joining or signing in."

Findit Professional allows you to claim your name or names on Findit for $9.95 per year per name. When you claim your name(s) on Findit Professional, you are taking control of the narrative that you want other people to see when they do a search for you in Google.

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, "When people begin to understand the importance of controlling the content found under their name in search engines, Findit Professional becomes both the logical answer and the easiest way to create the content you want seen by other people. The great thing about Findit Professional is anyone can use it to claim the name(s) that are important to them, making Findit Professional useful for any individual, artist, celebrity, business or other individual or brand"

Here are three different Findit Professional Accounts where an individual or business Claimed a Name with Findit Professional to control search results under that name. Remember, names can be keywords you want to index for in search engines.


The name ‘savannahstructuralrepairs' is owned by American Craftsman Renovations. American Craftsman Renovations is a local general contractor in Savannah GA that specializes in Savannah structural repairs. They claimed this name to control the search results in search engines under Savannah structural repairs. When customers looking for this service in Savannah go to search engines to look for 'savannah structural repairs' they will see that American Craftsman Renovations is the top 6 search results, including images, above Angies list.


The name "petertosto' is owned by LinkedIn member, Peter Tosto. This account is owned by an individual LinkedIn Member who wanted to claim his name to control search results in search engines under that name. With more than one Peter Tosto on LinkedIn, Peter Tosto, the owner of Findit.com/petertosto can control the content found in search results under his name by posting the content he wants people to see. When doing a search in Google for Peter Tosto, the results that display are for two different individuals, however, the Findit Professional account appears as the 4th search result in search engines. This is important for individuals and LinkedIn Members that want to have professional results indexing in search engines. By posting the professional content you want seen by future employers in your Findit Professional account, you can help get this content in search engines.

Disclaimer: Peter Tosto is the Marketing Director at Findit, Inc.


The name "layziegear" is owned by Layzie Bone, member of Bone Thugs N Harmony. Layzie Gear has a wide selection of t-shirts, hats and accessories to help you rep your love for Layzie Bone and Bone Thugs-and-Harmony and is the official merchant account of Bone Thugs N Harmony. When you do a search in search engines for Layzie Gear, you will see their Findit Account indexing along with their instagram and twitter account, as well as other links to Findit.

As you can see Findit Professional is useful for anyone looking to control the search results in search engines under the name or names used to describe their products, services, name, business or brand. There is no limit to the number of names you can claim and once you have claimed your name(s) on Findit Professional, they exist only once and no one else can claim that exact name.

To get started, simply visit Findit Professional online at Findit.com/findit-professional. See if your name or names are available and register your account. It's that simple. For assistance or if you have questions, you can reach us at 404-443-3224.

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