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Titan Roofing Is Charleston South Carolina’s Best Metal Roofing Wholesale Supplier

Metal roofing supplier Titan Roofing offers professional metal roofing fabrication services in Charleston. Other roofing companies working with existing or new clients that need a new metal roof rely on Titan Roof for custom, made to order, high quality metal roofs. Contact us today to get your free estimate on your wholesale metal roof in Charleston at 843-647-3183.

Recently, we acquired the new Cidan K25-30 metal combi machine. This machine allows us to produce high quality metal roofs right here in Charleston. Who better to make your new metal roofs for your clients than a professional metal roofing company here in Charleston with 25+ years of experience?

We expect the best and provide the best for our residential and commercial property owners who need new roofs or roofing repair services and we have the same level of committment to other roofing companies who work with us to get custom fabricated metal roofs in Charleston for their customers.

Contact Titan Roofing LLC today to get your free estimate on your new metal roof for your clients. We are the trusted source for wholesale metal roofing fabrication services thanks to our years of experience in the roofing industry. Reach us now for more information at 843-647-3183.