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Looking To Start Your Private Label Supplement Business From Home - Call NutraCap Labs at 800-688-5956

With many of us at home right now due to COVID-19, a great opportunity lies to start your very own private label supplement business. NutraCap Labs offers custom supplement formulation services along with private labeling and can help you launch your very own private label supplement line. With everything under one roof, you can create your made-from-scratch supplements with us and get industry best lead times and low bottle minimums. For your free quote, call 800-688-5956 and get started today.

We have developed a 3 step process that you can start right from home to create your very own private label supplements. First, work with our formulation specialists to come up with a unique custom formula for your new products. You may also select an existing formula that we have developed for your new supplements.

After determining the formula you want to use, you can work with our formulation specialists to develop new logos and labels for your new products. If you already have an existing brand with logos and labels, you can give us these logos to use on your new supplements, but we will work with you to design custom logos and labels if you don’t already have them.

Finally, determine product quantity for your first custom supplement order and let us handle the rest. We do require a minimum of 144 bottles for private label orders, but this is a low bottle minimum compared to the rest of the industry. Moreover, we offer quick turn around times so you can quickly start selling your products.

Contact NutraCap Labs today to get started on your very own private label supplement line with us. We make it easy for you to create the high quality custom supplements you have wanted thanks to our 300k+ square foot facility of high quality raw materials. Contact us today for more information at 800-688-5956 and speak with our formulation specialists.