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Top Online Marketing Campaigns for General Contractors are Offered by Findit

General contractors looking to improve their online presence and increase the number of search results in search engines can set up an online marketing campaign for general contractors with Findit. Findit is a social media content management platform that offers a variety of services to help improve your overall online presence throughout the web and social media. Find out how we can help you garner new business from the web by calling us at 404-443-3224.

Oftentimes, general contractors are far too busy to handle their own online marketing campaign. Roofers are on roofs, plumbers are on site, electricians are wiring houses - many general contractors simply aren’t in the office long enough to create content that gets indexed to reach the people who haven’t heard of them. That’s where we can help.

Findit offers custom marketing campaigns for general contractors to meet your online marketing objectives. General contractors that offer specific services in specific places will find that Findit can really help take over search results in search engines, so that when someone does a search for the goods or services you provide, your business name and contact information are what shows up.

We offer a variety of services such as social media management of your social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, content creation, video production, press release distribution, website design and development along with SEO. All of these services are bundled into a marketing campaign because they all work together to help achieve a common goal - to help improve your overall indexing throughout the web.

We will work with you to identify keywords that target the goods or services you provide, for example ‘savannah structural repairs’, ‘charleston metal roofing contractor’, ‘denver north carolina concrete pool builder’. These are all keywords for existing clients that we have that target the goods or services that each of these general contractors provide. Search these search terms in Google to see for yourself: American Craftsman Renovations, Titan Roofing, and Carolina Pool Consultants are all clients with Findit that have existing online marketing campaigns with us.

Because all content on Findit can be indexed in search engines, the content we create for you that is based off of the keywords that describe your goods are services are how we help increase the number of search results in search engines.

Findit works hard to improve and maintain your online presence so you can gain unsolicited business from the web. We do our job, so you can do yours. Marketing campaigns are based on your marketing goals and budget and we will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your needs. Call now at 404-443-3224 to set up your general contractor marketing campaign.