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Contractor Marketing Services Are Provided By Findit To Help Improve Your Online Presence

General contractors that are looking to get more exposure on the web can get professional contractor marketing services from Findit. Your speciality is roofing, plumbing, electrical work, residential renovations, pool building, HVAC installations etc. Our speciality is online marketing for general contractors just like you. Let us help you increase the number of search results in search engines for your brand or business and improve your overall online presence in search and social.

Findit offers a variety of social media marketing services to elevate your online presence above the competition. Having a website for the services that you provide is great, but if no one knows who you are or where you are or how to find you, your website does little good in terms of helping you garner new business. That’s where we come in.

We offer a variety of services such as social media management of your social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you do not already have these social sites, we will help set them up for you. We also offer content creation, video production, press release distribution, website design and development along with SEO. All of these services are part of our marketing campaigns because they all work together to help achieve a common goal - to help improve your overall indexing throughout the web.

Findit produces content on the Findit platform under Findit Names that match up to the goods and services you provide in the locations that you provide them in. These names are extensions of Findit.com, for example Findit.com/savannah-structural-repairs. Whatever the goods or services are that you provide and the areas you provide them in are how we determine which Findit Names are most beneficial to you.

After we establish your keywords or keyword phrases, we begin to create the content that will help you get more exposure online. Posts and press releases are created on Findit that are then shared throughout social media. Blogs about the goods and services you provide are published to your website. Videos about your business and goods and services are produced and published to Youtube, placed in Google My Business, as well as published on your website. Findit creates a multitude of content in a variety of places so that you engage consumers where they are spending their time online. Moreover, all content on Findit can be indexed by search engines which is how we increase the number of search results online for your business.

By creating content and sharing it everywhere we can, you get your name in front of more people. A lot of consumers find business strictly through search engines. Others search for businesses on social media and read reviews left by other consumers. By publishing content on Findit that can be indexed by search engines and sharing that same content throughout social, Findit helps ensure we reach the consumers who are looking for you, where they are spending their time.

Sign up for a general contractor online marketing campaign with Findit today. We only engage one general contractor that offers specific goods or services in a certain geographical location. To discuss your online marketing goals and set up your online marketing campaign with us, call 404-443-3224.