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Findit Offers Online Marketing Campaigns to Flooring Companies Across The US

Flooring companies that are looking to improve their online presence and increase the number of search results in search engines can set up their own online marketing flooring company campaign with Findit. Findit is a social media content management platform that offers a wide variety of marketing services to flooring companies to help improve your overall exposure online. Our marketing campaigns include social media management and content creation, video production, website design and SEO, press release distribution, and much more. Find out how a Findit Marketing Campaign can help you accomplish your online marketing objectives, call 404-443-3224.

At Findit, we specialize in online marketing so that we can help you get the visibility you need to gain more business for the web for what you specialize in - flooring. All of our services work together to help improve your overall exposure in every way so that you are reaching the consumers who are looking for you where they spend there time - whether it’s searching in search engines, scrolling through social media, browsing for flooring installation company videos on Youtube or all of the above.

If you do not already have a website, we can design one for you and SEO it as it is being built. If you already have a website and it is not SEOed, our experts will go through each page to make sure it is properly SEOed. Flooring companies can also use Findit as their website, complete with contact information, an about section, pictures and more.

Once your website is SEOed, Findit begins to create customized content about the types of flooring installation services you provide in the areas that you provide them. We create landing pages for your website with the keywords that align with your products and services, for example: Virginia Higlands luxury vinyl flooring installation. This is a landing page we created for one of our flooring clients that serves Greater Atlanta GA, Select Floors.  The reason for this is because the content we create typically matches up with what a consumer would search for in search engines to find the products or services that they want.

We follow the same ‘rubric’ so to speak when it comes to your blogs, video production, and content created on Findit. Because all content created on Findit can be crawled by search engines, the content we create helps improve your online presence.

We set up Findit names, which are an extension of Findit.com that are the keywords matching up to your types of flooring and location, for example findit.com/vinings-laminate-floors. This URL belongs to one of our flooring clients, Select Floors. Each flooring company can have as many URLs necessary to accurately target the types of flooring they provide in the areas they offer those services in. For example, if you offer five types of flooring installation services in 10 towns throughout the state of Texas, you could have 50+ URLs, one for each type of flooring in each town. Within each URL, content is created matching that specific URL to help improve indexing for that search term.

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, “Consumers who already have a referral for flooring installation services will likely search that company name in search engines or simply call them if they have their phone number. Our objective is to help flooring companies improve their exposure online, increase the number of search results in search engines to help them index highly so that when someone does do a search for a type of flooring service in a specific city, the company we are helping shows up.”

Contact Findit today to set up your very own online marketing flooring campaign with us. Campaigns can be customized to meet your budget and marketing objectives and we will work with you one on one to identify the keywords that are most beneficial to your ROI. We only work with one flooring company in a specific geographical area. Campaigns can be launched quickly - oftentimes in the same day if you have already determined the locations and services you want to target first. Reach us now for more information at 404-443-3224.