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LB Processors Is A Leading Producer of High Quality Emu Oil Offered Wholesale Online

Individuals and businesses that are looking to purchase high quality emu oil wholesale online can find various grades available from LB Processors. We operate a state of the art, FDA registered facility in Chapmansboro Tennessee and offer industry best lead times on your wholesale bulk emu oils. We offer only AEA certified emu oil which is emu oil that carries the American Emu Association Seal for fully refined emu oil. Contact our specialists today for wholesale pricing information by calling us at 615-746-8485.

We are proud to offer a variety of emu oils including: AEA certified ultra emu oil, AEA certified ultra clear emu oil, AEA certified grade emu oil, and ultra solid emu oil.

Our AEA certified ultra emu oil was developed by a proprietary process that has been proven to increase emu oil’s natural activity by 45%.  Emu oil processed through this method has shown to highlight the natural properties of emu oil and increase its effectivity over unprocessed emu oil.

Our AEA certified ultra clear emu oil is processed further than our standard grade; this Ultra Clear Emu Oil stays clear at 60 deg F. The Ultra Clear Emu Oil was established for cosmetic companies who were looking for a clear emu oil to enhance their already clear products. This oil stays clear at lower temperatures and client testimonials state that it penetrates the skin more efficiently.

Get in touch with our specialists today for wholesale pricing on our emu oils. Our wholesale emu oils are great for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications as well as shampoos, conditioners, lotions and creams. Whether you are a retail location looking to white label our products or purchase emu oil to use in manufacturing of other consumer goods, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs, call 615-746-8485.