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DMX Looks To Throw Down Against Jay Z on Verzuz Battle

Rap legend DMX has made it known that for a while now he's been looking to get on the ever popular Verzuz IG Live show. Just like his music, he's going for the jugular though and has called out another rap legend to battle against him on the Gram. The only thing that hits harder than X's bars is perhaps his well known cuban links chains, which you could own for yourself from Hip Hop Bling. 

At first the rumor mill ran rampant with words that DMX would be going up against the Rap God himself Eminem, and flyers started going up to that effect. DMX took a minute though to sit down with N.O.R.E. to set the record straight on his upcoming battle. 

DMX is heard saying that Eminem won't be participating in a Verzuz battle, but DMX wanted to go up against his Arch-Nemesis Jay Z. While it's unlikely that the Roc Nation mogul would participate, he hasn't yet outright denied his involvement. 

While visiting Noreaga, X can be heard speaking to to what sounds like Swizz Beatz saying "He ain't gotta come outside n*gga it's in the house!" He continued "You can't go in the basement and play some records?!... That's what I'm saying. That's why it should be done. It's a celebration. We're celebrating music. He got some hits, too! He can play 'Money, Cash, Hoes,' then I can play 'Money, Cash, Hoes,'" referring to his 1998 collaboration. HipHopBling.com can deck you in premium custom jewelry for a low cost, leaving you stacks for all your hoes. 

"Make it happen," X added. "That would be dope." Check the clip below and let us know what you think. 


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