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Findit Provides Platform That Provides Freedom of Speech on Opinions for President Donald J. Trump Dave Rubin Writer of Don't Burn This Book and Others Looking For a Place other than Twitter

Findit, Inc. a Nevada Corporation (OTC PINK: FDIT) owner of Findit.com, a full service social networking management platform which provides online marketing services, empowers its members to post status updates under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution which is Freedom of Speech. We are seeing other social networking platforms censor people that are postings opinions, including President Donald J. Trump. Findit welcomes opinions from various people - this is what Freedom of Speech is.
While Twitter is making judgment calls, placing warnings that say that a tweet from President Donald Trump glorified violence, are they holding the same standard to others who are justifying the burning of buildings in Minneapolis, Minnesota after the George Floyd murder?
Findit allows our members from different countries, states, towns, religions, political parties to post what they want, when it comes to their opinion on life events, politicians, sports players, religious leaders, friends, family and other topics. 
While Twitter has a person or people making judgments on individual tweets, there is often no certainty in what the person meant without asking follow up questions which can lead to misjudging a person’s tweets. Twitter is taking it upon themselves to read President Trump's mind and then label the tweet based on their opinion, instead of letting President Trump's tweets and other people's Tweets speak for themselves.   
It appears that Twitter is taking sides. For instance the UFC has a Twitter page. The UFC is a violent sport that promotes fighting. Is Twitter removing their account and censoring their Tweets calling them out for promoting violence? Findit welcomes diversity and wants people to be able to share their opinions without the risk of biased censorship. 
Peter Tosto of Findit stated, "We have been reaching out to Dan Scavino who is the social media director to President Trump about using the Findit platform through Instagram and Twitter over the years, we are hopeful that this latest incident with Twitter will finally help President Trump and his staff as well as Dave Rubin and others that truly support the first amendment come over to Findit and begin posting their status updates. We are in the midst of a major update to our App that will enhance the experience on Findit. In the meantime members can post to Findit and have their posts shared to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Tumblr, Pinterest and DM to Instagram. The big kicker is Findit is an open platform so people will be able to see everyone's post and have the option of sharing the posts from Findit without ever having to join unless they too want to post or leave  a comment."
Dave Rubin who recently wrote Don't Burn this Book was on Fox and Friends this morning mentioning that "there needs to be honest actors in these things" in reference to Minnesota. He went on to say "Twitter taking direct aim and Trump and Trump supporters."
Dave Rubin went on to say "For those of us that are about liberty care about choice and freedom we're going to have to decide are these the platforms that we want to be on are their other ways around it I'm a competition guy and ah I think there will be some solutions on the horizon"
Findit is here now and offers the alternative that Dave was speaking about over Twitter on Fox and Friends. 


Dave Rubin on Trump's feud with Twitter: The 'free speech war' is coming to a head


While President Trump and Twitter battle over tweets and what they mean Findit is inviting President Trump, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Anderson Cooper, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, 47th Vice President Joe Biden and Dave Rubin to join Findit and post their updates, include video, include pictures and link to where they want to drive traffic without being censored. America is suppose to be a nation that allows freedom of speech, now all of a sudden you write something a CEO doesn't like and they take it down.
Findit does have requirements on how to add a link to a post, where the video is added and pictures but you can write what you want to write. The words belong to you. Findit does not allow terrorist groups and pornography. 
President Trump and Dave Rubin and others instead of complaining about Twitter on Twitter complain about Twitter on Findit.
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