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Patrick Daniel Law Featured on National Radio Program

The Importance of Human Compassion in the Legal Profession Brought to Light

An executive at Patrick Daniel Law of Houston, TX was a recent guest on the nationally syndicated The Price of Business with host Kevin Price, and used the opportunity to discuss the importance of maintaining sincere personal relationships with the people who contact law firms requesting help. 

Nicolette Daniel, chief strategy officer for of Patrick Daniel Law, a personal injury law firm in Houston, reminded listeners on the May 28 broadcast of The Price of Business that too many law firms overlook the emotional needs of the people who call.

“I was astonished when I was doing some market research and I would call law firms and they were like, ‘Sorry. We can’t help you.’ ‘Sorry. We can’t help you,’ and I thought, ‘this is the scariest time in anybody’s life,’” Daniel said. “There’s got to be a better way to do this.”

It’s Daniel’s job to make sure the staff at Patrick Daniel Law forms a genuine, human connection with each client, who in almost every case has endured a life-changing trauma. Emotional healing is just as important as physical healing, Daniel asserted, and a holistic approach to resolving daunting legal issues helps build trust.

The diversity of care and counsel received by clients of Patrick Daniel Law is one of the reasons the firm is among the premier law firms in Houston TX.

Patrick Daniel Law is the top choice for personal injury cases, regardless of their circumstances. They’ve had some astounding successes in recovering for injured people resulting from 18-wheeler accidents, maritime injury, injuries due to product defects, injuries resulting from property negligence and more.

Most competent lawyers know a few of the tricks and bullying attempts that insurance companies and their lawyers use to try to coerce victims into signing off on lowball settlements. Patrick Daniel Law knows almost all those tricks because founder Patrick Daniel has over 25 years’ experience – some of it from the other side of the table – in personal injury law. Patrick Daniel Law excels in recovering fair compensation for victims who have suffered physically, emotionally and financially from an accident.

Patrick Daniel Law has established itself as the premier “big case” firm, with a track record of amazing successes against powerful corporations, national manufacturers, insurance companies and deep-pocketed defendants with the resources to overwhelm most courtroom litigators. Yet, their focus remains singularly fixed upon the person who has endured a tremendous assault on their well-being and who needs help.

About Patrick Daniel Law – Located in Houston, TX

  • No client pays a fee to Patrick Daniel Law. Fees come out of the settlement when the case is won. 
  • No one who contacts Daniel Patrick Law will be turned away. If they cannot provide the legal services needed, they will refer the caller to an attorney who can. 
  • Contact Patrick Daniel law at 713-999-6666 or online at https://www.patrickdaniellaw.com/