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Order Gel Hand Sanitizer In Bulk From Urban CBD Collective

Urban CBD Collective has introduced a wide selection of gel hand sanitizer products in the past several weeks, as part of our clean initiative. Your business, family or self can save big of premium Lifetime Brands gel hand sanitizer or premium hemp derived CBD products with a quick call to 404-443-3224.

Our health is our most valuable commodity, and in today’s society it’s more important than ever to maintain our health. Taking precautionary measures is a key component to neutralizing infections before they have a chance to spread, a task which our Lifetime Brands gel hand sanitizer does so eloquently.

Choose from a variety of sizes – bulk orders of hand sanitizer are available, ranging from 1 bottle to 1000 bottles and beyond. We also sell gallon containers of 80% alcohol gel hand sanitizer for larger scale applications. Should you choose to become a seller with us, you’ll receive wholesale pricing on our sanitizers.

Urban CBD Collective is a lifetime brand that is dedicated to health across spectrums, and our primary approach to health is our premium CBD hemp oil products, which can help you discover all the potential medicinal benefits of cannabidiol! Choose from our many topical products, and be sure to include a bandeau mask with purchase.

Stay healthy and keep clean, whether it’s a global pandemic or day to day life. Urban CBD Collective and our staff are dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones have access to the best prices on premium gel hand sanitizer. Reach out to our staff today for larger orders, or more information on our products.