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Carolina Pool Consultants Explains The Differences Between Concrete, Fiberglass and Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Carolina Pool Consultants is a professional swimming pool builder in Denver North Carolina offering homeowners with superior quality pool building services. We are often asked, "what are the differences between concrete pools, fiberglass pools and vinyl liner swimming pools? We design build and install concrete swimming pools because they are the superior choice for most homeowners.

Concrete swimming pools are extremely durable, long lasting and highly customizable. Concrete pools can be made into nearly any shape, size or depth, have attached spas and waterfalls, integrated slides, wading areas, and much much more. Concrete pools, when properly maintained can last for years and require less upkeep than fiberglass or vinyl liner pools. Moreover, they are not as susceptible to damage as the other two pool types.

Fiberglass pools are a popular choice for their less expensive initial price point. Fiberglass pools are designed off-site and shipped in their final form to your home. For this reason, they are often limited in shape, size or depth, typically can’t have added on features, and offer little to no room for personalization. Moreover because of they way they are built and shipped in their final form, they must be back-filled into place. This process, often used with sand, can result in bulging sidewalls and spider cracks, which are difficult to repair.

Vinyl liner pools, which are typically the least expensive in the beginning, also have their drawbacks. Vinyl liner pools are severely limited in their shape, size and depth and the liner is subject to ripping and tearing from pool toys, pets, children and pool equipment. There is almost no room for aesthetics and customization and even with great care, liner replacement is required every so often.

Concrete pools are more expensive up front, but when we go over the advantages that they offer, most homeowners decide that concrete pools are right for their backyard. Schedule your free swimming pool installation estimate in Denver NC with us today, call 704-799-5236.