Annandale 6/26/2020 6:27:27 AM
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Fairfax Inground Pool Removal Contractor Discusses DIY Inground Pool Removal

Annandale, Virginia (findit) June 26, 2020 - A Fairfax pool removal contractor at Dirt Connections recently posted a new blog that explains why to avoid a DIY inground pool removal. The article is meant to help educate people with inground pools on the safety hazards and cost-related issues that almost always arise when inground pool owners try to handle this process themselves. The blog can be found on the company's website here.

The contractor explains the most important issues that occur when trying to accomplish this process in a DIY fashion. They explain a variety of technical issues that the common inground pool owner will most likely overlook when trying to handle the removal themselves. Some of these problems include, improper removal can be dangerous, professional evaluation is required to design best course, lack of proper equipment, failure to secure gas and electrical lines, not properly draining the pool prior to removal, choosing the wrong type of dirt to fill the pit with and using the wrong ratio of fill to top-soil.

These problems can lead to very expensive and potentially dangerous issues such as sinkage or an unstable pit of dirt that could be filled with electrical or gas lines. These reasons all point to the fact that investing in professionals with years of experience handling the removal process properly is well worth the money. In the end, it could actually save you money and help you avoid having to fix the problems you will end up creating.

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