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Lil Wayne Planning A New Collab With Mannie Fresh

For anyone who even has passing interest in Lil Wayne, Young Money Radio is a must listen to. Widely regarded as one of the very best, fans are constantly yearning for new music to drop from the legend. It's no secret that his music is fire, but have you seen the new custom pendants HipHopBling.co's been putting out? Well worth your time, especially if you want to support George Floyd with an "I Can't Breathe" pendant. 

On one of his most recent radio shows, it sounds as though he may be doing just that- on a call with Mannie Fresh Wayne revealed that everyone's always asking when they will collaborate on an album. Shortly after, Mannie speaks up saying that he already has "more than a handful of tracks put together," for their collab. 

As for the release date of such an album? We'll probably need to wait up to 2021. "Before it's over with, 2021, after this whole coronavirus bullshit, we will drop the album and it's just gonna be solely me and him," said Fresh on Wayne. When you're looking to shine like Lil Wayne though, peep HipHopBling.com's new jewelry section for your next iced out piece. 



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