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Purchase Commercial Grade PPE Masks, Gloves and Thermometers from Global WholeHealth Partners

Global WholeHealth Partners offers commercial grade PPE masks, gloves and thermometers as well as COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits available wholesale on our website. We are committed to encompassing, improving, and preserving the quality of life by providing fast, adequate and accurate test results to prompt early treatment and cut cost of accumulated diseases all over the world, with a focus right now on COVID-19 testing kits and PPE supplies.

Thanks to our competitive advantage in the industry as a result of our partnerships with several companies in the healthcare industry, we enjoy the power, resources and availability to vertically integrate. We were able to produce COVID-19 diagnostic test kits that are now readily available for wholesale purchase along with our commercial grade, high quality PPE supplies.

Available online for immediate order and fast delivery is an extensive collection of PPE supplies and testing kits including, COVID-19 diagnostic test kits, no touch infrared thermometers, disposable CPE shoe covers, disposable PVC gloves, disposable rubber gloves, surgical masks with headband straps, and surgical masks with ear-loop straps and more.

For wholesale pricing inquiries on COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits or wholesale PPE supplies including masks, gloves and thermometers reach us at 877-568-4947. We are committed to offering our customers competitive pricing on wholesale PPE supplies and industry best lead times on freight.