New York 7/20/2020 4:31:23 AM
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New York Managed IT Service Provider Reviews What Is Structured Cabling

New York (findit) July 19, 2020 - New York managed IT service provider, SeaGlass Technology, recently released a new informational article that discusses what is structured cabling and how properly setting it up can be a difference-maker for your company's organization. The team at SeaGlass has designed the article to help educate companies on how structured cabling procedures are professionally handled and how it can optimize organization and improve network safety and throughput. They hope it will be used as an informational resource for managers at tech companies who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of the process.

SeaGlass offers some valuable information for tech company professionals who are interested in structured cabling to improve their overall cabling infrastructure. In the article, they explain how important it is to maximize the organization of your cabling in order to maintain efficiency and minimize the chance of cable errors that result in network crashes. The firm has a combined experience of over 75 years providing IT services to companies who are in need of improvements.

The team at SeaGlass is constantly thinking about the full life cycle of technologies that their customers use, and they work with them by using a holistic approach in order to help them achieve their goals. They take pride in being able to provide a fresh perspective and identify ways that your company could use some improvement to your IT infrastructure.

SeaGlass's website contains more information regarding their team, experience as a company, and a complete list of IT services that they provide organizations. Some of the services they provide include remote monitoring and management, organizational consulting, cloud services, network installation, and more. Their team believes in using technology that promotes innovation, growth, efficiency, and that accelerates the success of their customers. Their goal is to understand the unique business challenges of their customers while providing the highest standard of IT planning and management. With this new article, the team at SafeGlass hopes that companies and managers will better understand the structured cabling process and how it can positively affect your business's IT infrastructure.

For more information on how SeaGlass Technology can help enhance your technological organization, contact them today at 212-886-0790 or visit their website at Their offices are located at 500 7th Avenue 8th Floor In New York, NY 10018