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Order Wholesale PPE Supplies and COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Kits from Global WholeHealth Partners

With COVID-19 still affecting the United States and much of the world, Global WholeHealth Partners is proud to be a trusted source for premium PPE supplies and COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits. Available in wholesale capacities, we have a large inventory of PPE supplies and COVID-19 test kits in stock, ready to ship to your school, government agency, medical facility, business, warehouse, or anywhere where masks are required or recommended by local mandates, the CDC, or federal guidelines. Get in touch with us today to place your wholesale PPE supplies order or purchase bulk COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits.

At Global WholeHealth Partners, we have partnered with several companies in the health care industry and enjoy the power, resources and availability to vertically integrate. For this reason, we are able to provide industry best lead times on our PPE supplies and COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits. Moreover, we are able to stock a large inventory of these products to ensure your facility gets the products that you need.

Visit our medical supply page to browse our selection of premium PPE supplies in stock. We carry a wide range of masks, thermometers, gloves and other personal protective equipment and safety gear that are in high demand during this pandemic.

Contact Global WholeHealth Partners today by calling our specialists at 877-568-4947 to discuss your needs with us. We offer competitive wholesale pricing on PPE supplies and our COVID-19 rapid diagnostic testing kits. Get fast delivery of your orders today when you call 877-568-4947 to order premium PPE supplies and COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits.