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New Eminem and Rihanna Music Teased

Eminem's media team may have just dropped a big hint about a major collab between Slim Shady and Rihanna. "Love The Way You Lie" is still making moves and Eminem may be looking to make a continuation of it. The only thing more iconic than these legends music is the quality custom jewelry Hip Hop Bling provides on a daily basis to our customers, helping you to look like your favorite rapper at an affordable cost.

High profile members of Rihanna Navy have co-signed the hints of the new potential collaboration. Em's marketing affiliate Burn It Down Group shared a cryptic image with Eminem's branded "E" logo superimposed with Rihanna's "R" branding which was all over when "Love The Way You Lie" first released. 

While we're just as hyped for new music from the two titans or even a continuation of the song, it's important to keep the hype train in check. Nothing is confirmed yet, it's all speculation. You know what's not speculation? The mad savings you'll find on premium iced out chains and hip hop jewelry from HipHopBling.com.

Burn It Down Group however has been a massive part of Eminem's career, and were the first to hint that "Music To Be Murdered By" was on the way, hinting at the time that it was "Eminem Season" 2 months before the release. With luck, we'll have a new banger from the two out soon.