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Doja Cat Goes In On WAP Critics, Earns Cardi B's Attention

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have put out a banger in WAP, which has caught the attention of music critics and politicians alike. The track has been a diamond for Cardi who keeps her place at the top of the totem pole by seemingly shock value alone, as critics tore apart the visuals for being overly raunchy. Now some of us like to flash, and if you're looking to turn heads like Cardi B, HipHopBling.com has you covered with premium iced out jewelry

On the flip side, Cardi has been showing love to many of the raunchy female rappers out there such as Lil Kim, Khia, Trina and others whom started the trend to begin with. Doja Cat stepped up to bat for Queen B, maybe hoping for a space on a collab of the future. 

"People from the 1940's jumped in a time machine to come leave dumb ass comments about WAP being too vulgar. Shut the fuck up," wrote Doja on Twitter. 

"There was vulgar songs around that time too," added Cardi B. With this official nod the future seems a little brighter for Doja Cat, however with WAP rocketing to the top of charts it'll be even brighter for Cardi B. When you're looking to shine bright like a diamond, cop a beautiful new diamond chain from Hip Hop Bling. 




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