Los Angeles 8/13/2020 3:28:37 PM
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Film Production Insurance Brokers Explain How To Avoid Injuries On Set

Los Angeles, California ( Findit) August 12, 2020 - The production insurance brokers at MFE Insurance have recently launched a new educational resource surrounding safety on film production sets and how to avoid injuries and potential lawsuits. The article was designed to help educate production companies and those that work on sets on the best safety practices that should be adopted on-set in order to minimize the risk of injury and establish a healthy workspace for employees.

The article explains a few different ways to improve safety on set and how to ensure all of the employees are aware of the best safety practices on the set they are working on. They explain a few common practices that any production company can adopt to help ensure their operations are adhering to the highest standard of safety. In the blog, the company even lets you in on the leading cause of film production accidents and how to safeguard against them.

MFE Insurance focuses on providing production companies with the full spectrum of insurance coverage plans that cover liability, copyright, and travel accidents, among others. With this new informational article, they hope to help production companies understand the risks of not having insurance and what to look for in a great insurance plan.

Overall, MFE Insurance specializes in bringing its clients comprehensive insurance plans that are specially designed for production companies. The team understands that accidents happen and believe in the value of being prepared for any circumstance. MFE's experienced agents have experience dealing with a variety of different claims and hope to educate production companies on how they can make sure that legal costs, equipment damage, and lawsuits don't get in the way of making your production the best that it can be.

MFE provides comprehensive insurance packages designed to meet your business's unique needs.

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